Marine integral window bucket

The one piece window which Jiuling independent research and development, use all solid wood frame bucket,  with high light treatment surface. The fully self-developed shade curtain system enjoys independent intellectual property rights. The handle is anodized and the metal is doubled.

Marine integral window bucket
Aluminum alloy

Jiuling independent research and development, built-in shading shutter aluminum alloy integrated window bucket. With random pull, stop anywhere perfect feel. The unique transmission structure in the market enjoys independent intellectual property rights. Mold opening custom type through handle, fine surface treatment, joined the design of embedded bottom trough, completely finished 100% full shading.

Marine integral window bucket

Jiuling company introduced the cab overall window bucket production program,Hide all the shades into the window frames,Handle with aluminum alloy material,A transmission mechanism that replaced the original rope,Bring a clean, beautiful feel to the whole cab

Dispersion type intelligent air distributor

Dispersion type intelligent air distribution system, the orifice supply air and return air inlet arranged on the bottom side of the room, so the diffusion and mixing air jet is better, jet mixing process is very short, fast decay temperature and wind speed, and temperature in the working area and velocity distribution. According to send cold (hot) wind, air temperature and air flow rate per unit area size and other conditions, in the work area is the upper lower parallel flow, unstable flow, so in the main body of relatively uniform flow sensitive zone. During the cooling season, the cold air passing through the orifice plate is exchanged with the rising hot air. During the heating season, the hot air is sent down through the bottom return air.

JIuling marine research and development base of new materials, new technology research and development as the main function, in the R & D success on the basis of
cooperation in production
Marine integral window bucket
Novel dispersion type air distributor
Decorative coat hook
The research and development base of Shanghai Jiuling marine materials R & D processing factory by Jiuling full investment, is the implementation of the "marine environment overall service companies supporting factories, new materials, new technology research and development as the main function, based on the research on the successful cooperation of production.

The factory was established in 2015, has successfully developed the ship window, curtain, shading, Aluminum Alloy novel window bucket, marine air conditioning fan novel dispersion cloth, cabin decorative ceiling lamps, decorative type clothes hook, cabin decorative backdrop, cabin wall painting (spray) technology. Metal decorative lines and links etc.. Among them, the new type of integral aluminum alloy window bucket has passed the national patent application

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