According to customer requirements, on board survey, design, production, installation
The one piece window which Jiuling independent research and development, use all solid wood frame bucket,  with high light treatment surface. The fully self-developed shade curtain system enjoys independent intellectual property rights. The handle is anodized and the metal is doubled.
completely independent research and development of
   shading curtain system, you can do at random, stop    

the design of blind curtain combined withwindow bucket  
   can completely achievethe effect of shading.

According to the owner's preference,the solid wood
   material (wood grain and color) of the outer frame can
   be chosen tomeet the individual requirements of all
   kinds of ship owners.

high quality materials and design, the window bucket
   promotion for cabin decorations.

fully owned independent intellectual property rights,
   appearance and utility model patents.

USE AREA  使用区域  
Various types of ships, platforms, passenger ships, passenger compartments, etc..

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