the orifice supply air and return air inlet arranged on the bottom side of the room, so the diffusion and mixing air jet is better, jet mixing process is very short, fast decay temperature and wind speed, and temperature in the working area and velocity distribution. According to send cold (hot) wind, air temperature and air flow rate per unit area size and other conditions, in the work area is the upper lower parallel flow, unstable flow, so in the main body of relatively uniform flow sensitive zone. During the cooling season, the cold air passing through the orifice plate is exchanged with the rising hot air. During the heating season, the hot air is sent down through the bottom return air.
The advantages: 1, air distribution is more uniform, the wind out of the hole plate, rapid diffusion atomization, no strong gas flu. 2, sending air noise is lower, effectively eliminates the pipeline transmission noise. 3, perfect connection with the ceiling, and with the ceiling flat, no protrusion, improve the overall beauty of the room

Suitable for inverter air conditioner has become the trend of the development of
    the shipbuilding industry after the end, the device is particularly suitable for
    frequency conversion of air. The larger the cabin, the better the air supply. Quiet labyrinth air duct, sound effect is obvious, effectively remove the noise
    transmitted by the pipeline. The utility model has the advantages of good human perception, downward
    ventilation of the air hole plate, uniform air flow in the room, improved air supply
    comfort, and good perception of the air supply environment by the human body. The appearance of the air outlet plate is beautiful (perfect connection with the
    ceiling, so that it is equal to the ceiling), and the beautifying effect can be processed.
Volume: 0~1200m fand /h
Throttle opening adjustment: 15%~100% Power supply: 24VDC, 220VDC (if need central control) Tuyere size: PR80mm~PR200mm Installation: overall installation / unit installation Hole wind speed: <3.69m/s. Case material: aluminum / steel. Shape, section size: customized according to system requirements. Installation height: 2m~2.8m. Applicable temperature range: -10 DEG C, ~55 DEG C.

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