Shanghai Jiuling Marine Co.,LTD. was established in 2003, specialized in the construction of the ship's superstructure and all kinds of cabins, including design, material matching and engineering construction. Adhering to the concept of "people's elements first", on the basis of continuous innovation, the design and service of "the whole environment of the ship cabin" will be transformed into the cabin inside the cabin, and remarkable achievements have been made. In the 15 years since its establishment, the company has completed all kinds of civil ships, and the interior fitting design and engineering of military ships and boats have been contracted to more than 400 vessels, with an average of 26 vessels per year, which one for the MAC 500 seat design and construction of the new concept of maritime ship series of British industry won the Oscar award, and a new naval training ships and XX dock landing ships design and construction of engineering for naval vessels was built for the model project at present. In addition, JiuLing participated the MEIN SCHIFF, cruise the public areas of the construction design which was built by Finland shipyard and Japan's mitsubishi shipyard evil AIDIA PRIMA cruise open-air area leisure facilities form a complete set of engineering design, made JiuLing in the field of cruise within engineering across a substantial step; The interior design of the navy XXX nuclear submarine is the top project. The company was consists of ships built in innovation and development plant, within the existing ship material, on the basis of input of new product research and development, has successively developed new one-piece full window shading, dispersion type low noise fan, air conditioning new cabin, and a series of decorative hardware products with completely independent intellectual property rights of new products, to improve the quality of equipment in the ship, and change the ship within the existing pattern created good conditions, has played a good role in promoting.

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