To customer needs and experience as the core of service, each team division of labor, cooperation and common progress, to form a young, dynamic, fighting innovative team
Weng Jing Qi
Senior designer innovation research team leader
Working time: 10 years of design
philosophy    : people-oriented, to meet the material and spiritual needs of the people, creating a reasonable
                       function, comfortable and beautiful Cabin environment. Main works   : Japanese MITSUBISHI shipyard, AIDA Prima cruise line (part), Mawei shipyard in Fujian, 500 people,
                       semi submersible residenceA series of Jiangzhou shipyard live boat 16500DWT oil & IMO III chemicals
                       ship COSCO59000 DWT shuttle tanker.
Xiang De Bao
Senior designer

Engaged in interiordesign work for more than 10 years, has a large number of military product design experience, on-site surveying and mapping experience, specializes in small space layout and utilization.
Has been involved in Nantong COSCO shipyard N448 ship, Chengxi shipyard Xiangyang red 6# expedition ship, Jiangzhou shipyard 12000DWT heavy lift vessel, force salvage ship, Sea Shipyard crown 33000DWT bulk carrier, the southeast shipyard 59M tugs and other projects.

Sha Man Man
Senior designer

Engaged in interior design of ships for 8 years, has a large number of civilian ship design experience, accurate grasp of the number of materials. Has been involved in the southeast shipyard, 75M/85M 64000T/39500T, Malaysia sun Chengxi shipyard shipyard 47.5M/49.9M, Shanghai Changhang Wusong 7500T shipyard, Mawei shipyard 200 class /3500T, 999, Finland Shipyard International Cruise project.
Lu Qi
Project Designer

Engaged in the design of the ship cabin scheme for more than 7 years, familiar with the current ship cabin living environment and space, such as space layout, color selection has unique insights.

Ou Hu Sheng
Senior engineer design consultant team

Engaged in ship outfitting work for more than 45 years, retired former Shanghai Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group Co. Ltd., the ship interior construction and installation work for more than 10 years, the construction management work for more than 10 years with the ship, the ship loading technology for 3 years, ship interior design work for about 22 years. Participate in the compilation of a book about ship construction technology (operation skills of marine wood plastic workers) by Shipping Co. Responsible for the calibration and technical instruction of the drawings, the on-site handling of the construction problems, the innovation and research and development of new products in the ship.
Sun Yung-Nien
senior adviser
Engaged in the shipbuilding industry for more than forty years, the government special allowance winner. Retired as vice president of the Shanghai ship design and Research Institute, deputy chief engineer, won 3 ministerial level scientific and technological progress award, after retirement in the company for more than ten years as a senior adviser, assistant general manager in charge of quality management work. Advocate "urgent needs to the shipyard, ship owner to" quality concept; editor of company quality manual organization, improve the company's quality management system, promote the annual quality objectives of the company "ship interior - excellence, leading domestic and international first-class" quality policy and implementation, enhance the company's brand influence. As the company's military marine Interior Engineering Director, to promote the company in the large underwater military ship loading project for the first time in the national open bidding competition won the first place. Over the years, and strive to protect the company's shipbuilding projects have been shipyard and ship owners praise.

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